Bachman needs a reality check

Michele Bachman has become famous not because she is another female running for president but she has become famous for saying the dumbest !#$@*.

There is really not enough time in the day for me to type out all of the foolishness that has come out of her mouth.

Michelle has made a name for herself among many Americans and that name would be complete dumbass.

The “converting gays” debauchery — honestly, the converting gays thing really upset me because who is she to try and convert anyone?

What she needs to do is convert her ass to open a book and learn something, and stop paying attention to the random dumbass thoughts that flow through her small mind.

As far as her issues with the gays, for her and her husband to be so worried about what is going on in other people’s bedrooms is a clear indicator that Mr. Bachman must not be hitting it correctly.

She signed a document that she pretty much admitted to not reading in its entirety.

This document stated that African-American children born during slavery were better off than those born after the Obama administration because the child born during slavery had a better chance of being raised in a two-parent home.

Forgetting or not giving a damn that during the slave days, most families were being torn apart by being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

She forgot or did not give a damn that children just a few days old were being ripped away from their mothers and sold sometimes to far away plantations, never to be seen again.

If people want to think that I am just picking out her faux pas in regard to African-American history and such, let us not forget she also doesn’t know any history.

Now she has recently addressed this migraine issue of hers, saying her medical issues would not hinder her as Commander in Chief. Well, Mrs. Bachman…

Let’s be clear. I am in no way meaning to offend anyone. If you are a Michele Bachman supporter, please do just that. Support the woman by reading to her frequently. Help her out with much-needed history lessons and such.

My question to her would be why would you want to represent a country filled with so many of the people about whom you know nothing?

Whether she came from Iowa or Minnesota, regardless if her party is Republican, or the Tea Party, whichever party this fool belongs to needs to get a grip on reality and pick someone else to represent them.

“We the People” need to kick her ridiculous ass to the curb before she really messes up something that cannot be easily fixed with a back track or a “oops, my bad.”

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