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Electronic cigarettes and vaping mods are fairly new to the market and there are not many places to purchase non-disposable vaping devices. This helps make vaporescence a real treat to vapers. For anyone who is still lost, let me quickly explain.

Electronic cigarettes are basically a battery with a very small heating element (atomizer) and some form of a tank or cartridge that holds the liquid nicotine, or e-juice. When the element is ignited, the liquid is heated to a vapor that can be inhaled. This allows an ex-smoker such as myself to get a bit of nicotine and even a bit of flavor but none of the other 2500+ carcinogens known to cause cancer and addiction in analog cigarettes. The vapor also is not harmful to innocent bystanders.

There are several places to purchase from in Oklahoma City.


Doc’s Vapor, located on SW 59th Street near the college, has a fairly small selection. The owner seems nice enough, but I paid more than $10 for a cheaply manufactured 10 milliliter (ML) bottle of e-juice. I also paid more than $10 for a new atomizer for my eGo-T brand e-cig, and it only came in one color — purple. This was probably the highest price I have seen anywhere for liquid, but they are comparable to other local stores on accessories.

I purchased my eGo-T from a store on NW 50th in Oklahoma City called OKC Vapes. Stephanie, the owner, really knew what she was talking about, but once again I paid more than $75 for my eGo-T set, with a 10 percent discount. That included a carrying case and 10 ML bottle of liquid. However, seeing that I did not have to wait a week for an online store to deliver it, it was kind of worth buying at the time. OKC Vapes does have cheap liquids though. The price is only $6 for a 10 ML bottle. That’s a good deal for a local store.

Vaporescence, at 635 NW 7th Street in Moore, has a vast selection to choose from. With four locations in Texas, I can see why they can afford to have the largest selection I have seen of eGo-T’s and flavors. They have every color you can think of. And I was pleased to find they carried more than 200 flavors.

I decided to purchase two really cool metallic blue eGo-T atomizers and a box of blue tips. The tips were $6.95 for five, only about $2 more than an online store charges. The atomizers were $23.90 for two, comparable to other local stores. According to their website, the eGo-T I purchased for $75 sells at Vaporescence for $89.95 plus tax.

As far as local stores go, I personally would recommend Vaporescence for friendly and knowledgeable service. Also, you can try any flavor you find on the massive wall of flavors. And Vaporescence charges a little more than $16 for a 30 ML bottle of flavor —not too bad considering the time you can save not waiting on a delivery. And, they are manufacturing their own line of 6 volt mods. The mods are kind of pricey — $150 — but they do offer a lifetime warranty.

If you’re already vaping and need a good upgrade from that cheap disposable, or you’re just looking into vaping as an option, Vaporescence might be the place for you. I don’t recommend spending that kind of money on something you are unsure of though, so make sure the options are right for you. And the kind folks at Vaporescence can help you with that.

Rating: B

Shawn Stawicki

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