Arcadia’s Pops a one-stop drink shop

Looking for something different to do with your Friday night? Pops may be your answer.

Located just off Route 66 in Arcadia, Pops is a restaurant that will ensure your dining experience is a unique one.

Set up like an old-style diner, Pops is home to nearly 600 varieties of soda from all over the world, organized by color and flavor.

For sale at just $2.19 a bottle, customers have the option of selecting a soda and consuming it with their meal, or purchasing some to take home and enjoy later.

As you walk into Pops, it is not the friendly employees, the gift shop, or even the gas station on which the base of the restaurant is built that first catches your eye, but the glass windows that show off thousands of colorful beverage-filled pop bottles that surround the facility.

The food is good, ranging from burgers and hot dogs to Pops’ signature onion rings, but it is definitely the atmosphere that makes this restaurant worth a stop.

To make sure you don’t go home empty-handed, the gift shop sells everything from T-shirts, magnets, to even bottle pop openers to ensure your Pops experience is a memorable one.

In case you are worried about finding it, Pops plays host to its famous 66-foot LED soda bottle, which at night illuminates the sky, making it hard to miss.

Pops offers an atmosphere that suits families and people of all ages.

You will return from Pops with a full stomach, a pleasant attitude, and a carrier full of unique sodas. Just use caution when selecting your soda or you might be unpleasantly surprised!

Rating: A

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