Apple iOS7 update not ideal for music lovers

I am a huge supporter of Apple products. I have an iPhone 4s, a MacBook Pro and several old iPods so, I am definitely “Team Apple.”

In saying all of that, I must be honest. I absolutely hate the new update, iOS7.

I’m not one of those people who have been writing on discussion forums until my fingers fall off, but I’ve done my fair share of complaining to other people who have iPhones.

My phone, as with most people, is pretty much the most important gadget in my life. It’s how I communicate, listen to music, get on social media, check email, keep myself entertained. It does everything.

I do have a problem with the way some of the apps look and present things but hands down, the biggest problem that I have with the iOS7 update is music.

I am a music junkie. I have around 6.5 GB of music on my phone, just to give you an idea. I listen to music pretty much all the time, outside of class and work. Something is always playing whether it’s on my phone, laptop or the radio in my car. The number one reason I bought an iPhone is so I could have music on my phone and not have to carry separate devices around. iOS7 has made my life so much more difficult in terms of playing music directly from my phone.

I have a USB connection in my car that allows me to listen to the music that is on my phone. Previously, when I connected my phone, it would start playing on the same song or album that I had left off on. It was really convenient, because I didn’t have to change the song unless I wanted to do so.

Once I got iOS7, it stopped doing that. Now, when I plug my phone in, it shuffles all of my songs. I can’t express how mad I was the first time it happened. Christmas songs started playing. I want to listen to the music that I had paused on, not some random stuff.

It doesn’t make any sense to me that Apple would design it to do that. The same thing happens when you pull up music from your lock screen. If you press play, it will play whatever it feels like instead of doing what would make sense and playing the song you were already listening to.

The worst part about the music is that you can no longer easily shuffle songs within an album. This is no problem for those artists for whom I have downloaded only one album but the majority of my artists have multiple albums. I realize that I could scroll through the ‘albums’ tab, but I prefer to use the ‘artist’ tab simply because I do not always remember the name of the album specifically. On a side note, the ‘artist’ tab added photos of them which takes twice as long to scroll through.

To shuffle an album, you must click on the artist, scroll through all of the albums which have a picture and songs all listed out. Then, you must click on a song within the album. After that, you must click on the list of songs within the album in the right corner. Then, click on a different song. Then, at the bottom, it will say ‘Shuffle album’, so you have to click on that. At that point, you have gotten your iPhone to shuffle an album. Seems like quite a bit of work for some music, right?

The steps to shuffle an album before the update were so much more simple. I could do it while I was at a red light, or even if I was in a hurry. Now, I don’t even bother to change the artist, album, or song. If I do use my phone for music in my car, I keep it on the same thing day in and day out, unless I have some time or have put forethought into what I would like to hear. Most days I turn on the radio or listen to the same CD that had been in my car for months.

I find it sad that I don’t even bother to use the music part of the iPhone as much as I used to, considering it is what makes an iPhone an iPhone. The developers should have put more thought into the music aspect of iOS7. Sure, it looks really cool and user friendly but if the user can’t use it, it’s pointless. I will be thinking long and hard before I get the iPhone 5s.

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