Alcoholic energy drink controversial: Counter-Point

Effective Dec. 3, an alcoholic energy drink blamed for hospitalizing at least nine college students in Washington will no longer be delivered to Oklahoma.

Four Loko is a controversial beverage containing the alcohol content of six light beers and as much caffeine as two cups of coffee in one can. It has recently gained popularity — and notoriety — among college students.

A product like this never should have been created in the first place.

Drinking in moderation is fine, but a drink that puts you over the legal limit in one gulp is not only ridiculous, but also dangerous.

Arguably, Four Loko could be consumed just as responsibly as any other beverage. However, the potential for tragedy is much greater.

What is more important: allowing individuals to get drunk off one beverage, or saving the lives of innocent people who might get killed as a result of their drunk driving?

Oklahoma is making the right decision on an issue that is downright loco.

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