Alcoholic energy drink controversial: Point

Controversial beverage Four Loko will disappear from stores starting Dec. 3. Four Loko, an alcoholic beverage that contains caffeine, taurine and guarana, has been blamed for sending college students in Rosyln, Wash., to the hospital after the students drank too much of it at a party. This has led colleges and states nationwide to ban the beverage.

It is a tiresome routine having the government police our civil liberties by regulating what responsible adults can or cannot drink due to a few irresponsible morons.

When the government starts regulating smaller civil liberties, people should start worrying about larger ones being restricted.

Meanwhile, energy drink mixers and other alcoholic energy drinks will still be available for sale.

If we could ban the behavior of a few irresponsible partiers, instead of the beverage, that might address the real issue. Apparently, common sense is crazier than Four Loko.

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