Advising office worth a visit every semester

advising picNew and returning students alike can benefit from a visit to Oklahoma City Community College’s Academic Advising Office.

The college’s academic advisors are here for students when it comes to choosing a degree plan, a career, and goals for the future.

Sarah McDonald, who took summer classes here at OCCC, had never met with an advisor before.

She waited in a line, which was noticeably shorter than the usual.

“Today I’m hoping to declare my major and figure out my class schedule,” McDonald said.

Meeting with an academic advisor at least once every semester can help you stay on track to finish your degree, or change your course if you feel pulled towards movement in another direction.

Ragan Marsee, an incoming student for this fall semester, also visited the office for the first time this past week.

Marsee graduated from high school in May, and is new to the college experience. She said that she walked into the office with a lot of questions.

Marsee was initially unsure of what classes to take for her degree, but left with a firm grasp on the schedule of her upcoming semester.

“Every question I had was answered and explained,” she said.

Marsee said she felt much clearer on what she needed to know after her visit.

“They were incredibly kind, and also really patient with me because it was my first time enrolling,” she said.

The academic advisors are readily available to help you choose the right classes to enroll in, change your major, develop an academic plan, and more.

In addition to academic advisors, the office has a Faculty Advising program. Faculty advisors can answer questions specifically related to their area of expertise in a major.

Ginnett Rollins, who is one of many faculty advisors at OCCC, said students who’ve decided on a major can contact a full-time professor in that field of study, via phone, email, or during the professor’s office hours, to discuss serving as that student’s advisor

Faculty advisors can assist in approving courses that are required for certain majors, help a student prepare to transfer to another college, and provide further knowledge in the area that they teach.

“Because we are more familiar with the requirements for the student’s major, faculty advisors can help students choose courses wisely and avoid taking a course which might not be the best choice for the student,” Rollins said.

She said they can even help a student find a career through the valuable tool of networking. Faculty advisors are experienced in their field of work, and have connections that could be useful to your future.

“Faculty advising has helped students the most in developing a solid background in their major field, and providing advice regarding an academic path that will lead to a career, including the smooth transition to the 4-year institution best suited to help them continue to progress towards their chosen career,” Rollins said.

According to the Office of Academic Advising’s webpage, academic advising is a collaborative relationship between the student and the advisor.

“Not only did they help me with enrolling, they also got me very excited for the semester. I will definitely visit again,” Marsee said.

Located in the main building across from Registration and Records, the office accepts walk-ins on weekdays, as well as appointments. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday.

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