Acoustic-based album rates A+

One of my biggest obsessions in life is country music. I tend to roll down my windows with the radio blasting country music and let everyone driving anywhere near learn this the hard way.

Because I listen to the radio so often, I usually only know the top hits and I rarely bother to download full albums because I’m a broke college student.

Last week, I decided to download Kacey Musgrave’s album, “Same Trailer Different Park,” released in March 2013.

I was hesitant to support her in any way after the look she gave Miranda Lambert at this year’s Country Music Awards when Lambert won Female Vocalist of the Year.

But, I decided to go ahead and pay $9.99 and give her a chance.

As soon as I heard the first song “Silver Lining” I am a little ashamed to say, I fell in love with her music.

Her simple, catchy, addictive melodies caught my attention immediately.

As a musician, I usually listen to the actual music instead of the lyrics. This is both a blessing and a curse. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of every song on the album.

The thing that stood out to me was the acoustic feel. A full drum set appeared to be used in only one song with guitars, ukuleles, and mandolins making up the majority of the instrumental chatter.

I am a huge fan of acoustic music, especially when it’s under the country genre, which is rapidly changing.

Although I adore the musical side, her lyrics should not be discounted. They are all incredibly deep and have great meaning behind them, yet seem not as heavy because of the tune they are set to.

Listeners can definitely tell her songs are written from personal experiences, trials and situations that changed her life.

My favorite songs on the album are: “Merry-Go-’Round,” “Back on the Map” and “I Miss You.” This album has been on repeat since I purchased it.

Although Kacey Musgrave might not have the best reputation, her work should be recognized as some of the best in country music.

Rating: A+

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