A glimpse into adulthood

I think 90 percent of the population runs on as little sleep as they can.

People tell me all the time, if you’re not constantly tired as an adult, you’re not doing it right.

I am constantly tired, but I really don’t feel like I have that many adult duties.

I go to work, I go to school, and I live at home with my parents.I do not have bills aside from monthly tanning and a gym memberships.

I live paycheck to paycheck after buying gasoline and things that I occasionally need.

My question is: how does the population make it on such little sleep, with so much work and responsibilities?

Is it a constant haze? Is it just so exhausting that after a while you forget about the whole issue? Or is there a drive to get things done?

If there is a constant haze, then, adulthood sucks. I want to be a kid forever.

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